The size examples below will give you some idea how large your storage unit should be at Mini-Max Storage. Our Peoria and Washington Illinois self-storage facilities have nearly 20 unique storage sizes for our customers to choose from, but the storage unit sizes listed below are easily the most popular. If you have additional questions, Contact the Mini-Max professionals and we will find a storage unit that is exactly right for you and your residential or commercial storage needs. It doesn't matter if you need storage in Peoria, storage in Washington or any surrounding community, we have a location that will perfectly fit your needs.

Peoria Storage - Five By Five Unit

This is the Mini-Max 5X5 unit (approximately 25 sq. ft.).The five by five is roughly the size of a smaller walk-in closet. It is suitable for a twin mattress, boxes, baby toys, books, record albums, files and documents, records, clothes and other similar items. We call this the Cube Unit.

Peoria IL Storage Units

This is the Mini-Max 5X10 unit (approximately 50 sq. ft.). The ten by ten is approximately the size of a large walk-in closet and is an extremely popular unit. This storage unit is ideal for a few choice items of furniture, small tables or nighstands, mattresses and box springs, and other smaller items from your home or business in the Peoria, Illinois area. We call this the Five-Ten.

Peoria Illinois Self Storage

This is the Mini-Max 10X10 unit (approximately 100 sq. ft.).This unit is approximately half the size of a smaller, single car garage. This unit will comfortably hold the contents of an average 1 or 2 bedroom apartment or small condo, 1 or 2 appliances, microwave oven, furniture of a smaller nature, boxes, clothing, filing cabinets, small commercial inventory, and more. We call this the Double Ten.

Mini-Max Storage Company Peoria IL
This is the Mini-Max 10x15 unit (approximately 150 sq. ft.). This unit is nearlly the size of a smaller garage. If you choose this unit, you are getting more serious about your storage needs. The ten by fifteen will absolutely hold the contents of a large 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, condominium or house, appliances, boxes, or average / smaller commercial products and inventory.
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This is the Mini-Max 10x20 unit (approximately 200 sq. ft.).This unit is very popular for self storage customers in the Peoria, Illinois area. Generally, you can consider this unit the size of a narrow one-car garage. It will hold a 2 to 3 bedroom house with major appliances, any size boxes and is also excellent for business storage, commercial inventory, files, equipment and records. Protect your classic car or Harley Davidson from the elements with us! We call this the Big Dog.

Peoria Mini-Storage in Illinois

This is the Mini-Max 10x30 unit (approximately 300 sq. ft.).This unit is around the size of a one-car garage, with additional room for storage. The ten by thirty will hold items from a four to five bedroom home, including refrigerator, washer, dryer, all boxes, lawn mower, snow blower, patio furniture, and much more. For business in the Peoria Illinois area looking for storage solutions, this unit also is a fantastic solution for commercial inventory, files, document boxes, equipment, gear, office furniture and records. This is also the perfect unit for recreational vehicles, boats and classic or seasonal cars. We call this the Heavy Duty.